October 2003 to December 2003

I returned to Antarctica for the 2003-4 season to work on both projects that I had been involved in during previous years: the iceberg project and the Taylor Glacier project. We had a busy season. For the purposes of the slide show below, I condensed the eight and a half round trip helicopter flights that I made over the course of the season into two flights. The first hypothetical flight goes out to the icebergs and back and the second flight goes to the Taylor Glacier and back. The captions for the pictures tell a bit about what is in the image, what we were doing at the time, and/or a bit about the science we were working on. For those of you that are interested in Antarctic science I wrote up an intro to each of our projects describing the motivations for doing the work, some of the important questions we're asking, and a few details of what we did to begin to answer those questions.

Intro to Iceberg Science
Intro to Taylor Glacier Science
Cool Taylor Weather Station Movies
Weather Station Data Analysis
AGU Poster 2004 (5.3 Mb pdf)
AGU Poster 2005 (4.6 Mb pdf)
AGU Poster 2006 (2 Mb pdf)

Here is the Taylor Glacier portion of the McMurdo Dry Valleys Satellite Image Map from the United States Geological Survey (USGS). The Landsat 4 satellite took the image on January 6th, 1993.

DEM The USGS also has a website with a declassified satellite image of the entire Dry Valleys region They made a Digital Elevation Model to go along with the image. The DEM isn't all that great because it is affected by clouds and doesn't quite know what to do with extremely white snow and ice surfaces. Hence, there are some holes and mountains where there shouldn't be. I imported the data into Matlab and plotted the section that includes the Taylor Glacier:

001Campanile 002MtDiscovery 003cliff 004snow 005BlackIsland 006B15jC16 007B15aj 008icecliff 009fromHelo 010corner 011DougB15aStation 012beginningofKcrack 013C16B15j 014bulge 015EvansBarnes 016blownsnow 017peace 018CastleErebusLent 019CastleRock 020icecrystals 021fromCastleRock 022CapeEvansHut 023EvansTable 024EvansStores 025EvansEntry 026EvansSeals 027RoydsRookery 028AdeliesFlying 029RoydsDiscoverySkua 030RoydsHut 031RoydsBed 032RoydsStove 033RoydsMet 034Thanksgiving 035IceEdge 036IceEdgePatterns 037icebergFerrar 038LowerTaylorValley 039TaylorWall 040UpperTaylorValley 041TaylorGlacier 041TaylorGlacierLabelled 042BloodFalls 043spire 044crevasses 045Met5Helo 046Met2station 047Camp1 048lakeice 049lakeice2 050lakeice3 051channels 052ridgeC1 053arch 054thumb 055oops 056iceCliff 057sideCliffs 058clouds 059KukriChannels 060hulaCloud 061silhouettedColumns 062ridgeline 063Knobhead 064snowyCliff 065sheer 066FerrarEdge 067speechless 068Kukris 069RidgeOfRoyalSocieties 070snow 071RoyalSocietyRange 072Adelies