This is our second weather station. We had two different types of stations. This is the larger of the two styles. It has a full set of radiation instruments on the pole close to the camera: upward and downward longwave radiation sensors plus upward and downward looking shortwave radiation. On the main tower, the satellite antenna is the vertical white thing on top of the tripod. The wind sensor is to the right of the antenna. The temperature sensor is the white cylinder to the left of the main mast above the blue solar panel. There is another wind sensor on the leg on the right. There is a barometric pressure sensor in the enclosure behind the solar panel. The enclosure also holds the guts of the system - the datalogger that records the values of the sensors, translates them into code, and sends them to the satellite transmitter and a local storage module. You can see the bottom of Windy Gully between the two weather station masts. Somewhat suprisingly, the wind speeds at this station are generally higher than those of our third station which is directly down glacier of Windy Gully.