This was our first camp this year. There were a few improvements over last year. First, we were using an Endurance tent as our kitchen tent (the colored circus tent). It was significantly more difficult to set up than the Scott tents but it was worth it for the extra space. Second, we drove the snowmobiles down to the lake (the snowmobiles we had this year we a bit stronger than the ones from last year because they had better cleats for gripping the ice). You can see one between the middle two Scott tents. Third, we had a more robust solar panel set up - last year we had been using thin panels that we set on the ground and secured by laying rocks around the edges. Both years we were able to go the whole season without running the generator we had as backup. We needed power to run our computers (for downloading and checking data as we went) and to recharge radio batteries. It was a good thing we were checking the data as we went. After we had completed the GPS survey of the poles accessible from our first camp, we downloaded all the data. Jeff soon found that the survey results were much less accurate than we had hoped. As it turned out, we had a faulty antenna on our base station. It was only recording the signal on one of the two frequencies required for geodetic-quality measurements. The antennas are usually just about the most robust component of the system, so it was odd to have one fail on us. They do go through a lot though, being transported to and from Antarctica each year and around the continent... So we had to redo the entire survey - two long days of work. But it was better to find the problem right away rather than find it once we got back to McMurdo for example.