Our drive home was fun because of the wind. Driving directly into the wind, our airspeed was 50-60 mph for most of the two hour drive. The snowmobile does provide limited protection from the wind but I was glad for all the clothes I had on. The temperature was pretty warm (-5 C or something) but the wind chill was still cold enough to freeze exposed flesh within a couple minutes. We made it back from Royds with just enough time to get cleaned up before the Thanksgiving feast. Pictured here are Sarah, Johnny, Jeff, roast beef, turkey, fresh salad, fresh kiwi fruit, papaya, cantelope, pineapple, fresh bread, cranberry sauce, asparagus, yams, a variety of other veggies, a bottle of wine each (we didn't quite finish it all), pumpkin pie, pecan pie, chocolate cake... Not quite up to Knisely standards, but pretty close.