An excerpt from south-pole.com talking about the Nimrod expedition: "The meteorologist, Jameson Adams, set to work building a meteorological screen on a hill near the hut to measure air temperature, wind speed / direction and evaporation. Measurements were taken nearly round the clock as Adams took them from 8 am to 8 PM and the night watchman took the 10 PM to 6 am shift. Douglas Mawson built an anemometer on the tallest ridge; wind speed was frequently recorded above 100 mph. Professor Edgeworth David made a snow gauge from spare stove and chimney parts. Evaporation was measured by hanging measured cubes of snow and ice from rods projecting from the wall of the hut. Sometimes wind direction could be tracked by monitoring the steam plume coming from Mount Erebus." It is amazing to think that this wood box has lasted almost a hundred years in the harsh environment. I can't even imagine what our weather stations would look like a hundred years from now if we were to leave them out.