On my way down to our lake after visiting the icefall, I passed by a neat looking crevasse that receded into the edge of the glacier. I almost went all the way past before realizing that it was in fact an archway, not just any old crevasse. The arch was close to vertical on one end (off to the right) and then approached horizontal on the other. It was about 25 feet long and as big around as when I make an O shape with my arms. Amazing! The second archway behind it wasn't quite as long and was thicker. Two stubs where there may have been an arch in the past were left upglacier from the present arches (closer to the camera). By virtue of their thinness, they were somewhat translucent and very pretty with a few icicles hanging down, especially a few days later after warm temperatures. I made it back to camp pretty late, but it was worth it.

I found that the arch collapsed less than three days later. Upon closer inspection, it appeared that it had failed at both ends and managed to break into pieces no bigger than a meter in diameter. The second, thicker arch was still there and the gradation of color from the white ice that the sun was hitting directly to the blue ice underneath the arch was neat. I sat on a rock and contemplated the scenery for quite a while.