From the time I got back from the Kukri Hills until the helo was supposed to leave McMurdo, the snow and clouds continued moving upglacier making it unflyable. Apparently it was unflyable in McMurdo too because all the helos were grounded. It didn't look like it would improve anytime soon, so I had two nice long naps. After dinner, we played Scrabble. I lost, as usual. Then I went for what turned out to be a short distance, long time walk. I went east on our lake and inspected all the patterns in the snow and lake ice. It was still snowing but the visibility was good. I sat on the lake with my back up against the glacier's cliff looking at the basalt cliffs opposite the glacier face. They are probably about 50 meters tall and were covered with bits of snow here and there. I sat there for at least half an hour trying to find a photo composition that I liked. I tried a few things but never really found it. The photo is somewhat reminiscent of Ansel Adams' "Frozen Lake and Cliffs, The Sierra Nevada, Sequoia National Park, California, 1932." See a reproduction and discussion on a random website that I found.