This was the high point of my walk, at 1534 m above sea level. A fresh dusting of snow covered the basalt columns in the strong ridge in front of me. Simmons Valley, Finger Mountain, the Beacons, and portions of the Taylor Glacier are visible beyond the ridge. I found a nice rock with a backrest on which to take a break and I added a few layers of clothes as I had a snack. I set up my tripod (if I carried it all this way, I might as well use it) and took a panorama that I have yet to scan. Fortunately up to this point the clouds and snow downglacier had stayed there, but as I finished taking pictures it began to snow lightly. The trip down was only somewhat easier than coming up. Gravity was working in my favor, but I didn't want it to take over and send me flying down the slope so I still had to choose my steps carefully.