Late March to Early April 2004

I took a trip to Switzerland for a workshop about running weather stations on glaciers. A wide variety of people came to the workshop from all over Europe and a number of universities in the States. The workshop's website is here. The workshop was held in Pontresina, Switzerland, a nice little town near the ski resort of St. Moritz (ski season was just about over). After the conference I took a bit of time to explore the area around Pontresina. I also spent a few days in Zurich on the way back.

001Pontresina 002BeforeSunrise 003SunrisePeak 004Sunrise 005SunrisePeak2 006terraces 007ConferenceCenter 008MortFromDia 009Diavolezza 010Rockfall 011MortExcursion 012SkiersMort 013groupWeatherStation 014MortValley 015SmokestackCloud 016SpaniolaTower 017ChairLift 018AvalancheControlDams 019WoodDetail 020FarawayMoon 021TwoTrees 022RosegStream 023RosegReflection 024StreamIce 025RosegValley 026PizBernina 027SnowBulge1 028SnowBulge2 029UpperRoseg 030avalanche 031Piz 032track 033Moonrise 034PontresinaStreet 035PontresinaChurch 036broadview 037peak 038ground 039steinbock 040PontresinaBridge 041shadow 042ParkBenches 043ZurichClock 044ZurichReformation 045NiceGraffiti 046NiceGraffitiWall 047NiceGraffitiSchool 048ZurichNight 049ZurichNightBridge 050ZurichRefNight 051TouristBoats 052BerkeleySunset