On a coudly, somewhat rainy day after the conference I went for a hike from Pontresina to the nearby town of Samedan. The river that runs through Pontresina currently also runs through Samedan but Samedan is on a flat plain so there is a greater danger of flooding if the river were to over top its man-made banks. So, they have undertaken a major project to reroute the river away from the town. The channel in this picture was recently built and will soon be filled with water. They trucked in incredible amounts of large rocks for the banks, but so far have left the flat part of the river bed unarmored. I'm curious if they plan to line the bottom with larger rocks or if they will leave the bed as is (subject to a lot of erosion). I liked the bridge design. It is all natural wood except for the road deck and the support cables. It connects Samedan to a farmhouse and the hills behind where they do some logging. Timber is one of the region's exports and a lot of it goes over the hill to Italy on the train. It is primarily a passenger train but they will sometimes add a log car or other cargo car onto the end.