The upper Roseg Valley. The Roseg Glacier comes in from the left. Two nice (huge!) lateral moraines grace the other side of the valley. You can see that the slope of the glacier at this point was smaller when the glacier was larger. I'm standing on the lateral moraine that matches the higher one on the opposite side of the valley. I stopped here for a while and had the remainder of my lunch. Great cheese, nice fatty hard salami, and a dense rye/wheat bread. It was kind of interesting when I went into the little market to get the food the previous day at lunchtime - they had all their baked goods behind the counter and none of the people there spoke English. I pointed to a loaf of bread that I wanted but they didn't want to sell it to me and as far as I could understand, the reason they didn't sell it to me was that it was supposed to be a breakfast bread and it was obvious that I was going to eat it for lunch. So then I pointed to another one and they shook their heads. Then I kind of shrugged my shoulders and they handed me the wheat/rye loaf and tried to make me understand that it was a combination of white bread and dark bread by holding up two buns - one a white one and the other dark and then gesturing to indicate that my loaf was a combination. It was good.