Eventually I made it to Anse La Ray (after a stop in the tasting room of the rum distillery). I still had some time before the rest of the family was due to show up and before the fish fry was to start, so I decided to walk up to a waterfall advertised in the guidebook. All the signs said it was about 2 miles up the road from the town, but it was farther. This tree was growing along the banks of the stream that I was following. I should have known based on the size of the stream that the waterfall wouldn't be very impressive but the guidebook spoke highly of the place and said it was a 7 m fall so I kept going, with visions of a small version of this Hawaii waterfall in my head. When I got there, it was a measly little cascade but they did let people swim in it, so I went in. It was a nice walk through the woods.