St. Lucia

December 19th, 2006 to January 4th, 2007

My brother Eric is teaching music in St. Lucia. Over Christmas break I went to visit him. Mom and Dad joined us after I had been there for a week. He lives in Castries. I flew into Vieux Fort. The CIA Factbook page has some interesting information on St. Lucia. I didn't usually take my camera with me to the beach and there wouldn't have been all that many interesting shots anyway, so I don't have many beach pictures here. Rest assured though that I did spend plenty of time on the beach and I did go swimming in the delightfully warm water most days. I will post a few underwater pictures when I get a chance to scan them.

Maps of the Island. Tourist Map The school is just off the west edge of this map.
The topo map below shows all the roads but without road names. Unfortunately, the map was poorly printed and the colors of the contours are offset.
Castries from the topo: (small, 360 Kb) (medium, 1.1 Mb) (large, 17 Mb).
This is not St. Lucia's Castries, but it is pretty interesting if you're into history or old maps:
Old Map from 1797
Costumes from Castries
Info about those images from the David Rumsey Collection.

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