Because the chances of catching another bus were relatively slim, I decided to walk south from Marigot Bay towards Anse La Ray. On my way I happened upon an office of the local forest service/land management agency and they had a weather station out front. I couldn't resist the temptation to take a picture of the glass onion. This instrument measures the hours of sun that a location gets over the course of the day by burning a hole in a strip of paper. The glass ball focuses the sun's rays onto the paper. There is no paper on this particular instrument. I found it interesting that the whole weather station was set up in the middle of the nicely mowed lawn in front of the office which was not at all representative of the conditions anywhere nearby. The surrounding flat land was all banana plantation and the surrounding hills were covered by rainforest. Bananas are one of St. Lucia's largest exports. You can see another glass onion in action on the Juneau Icefield.