January 10 - February 7, 2001

New scans of (most of) my slides, plus some extras that weren't here before! My first trip to Antarctica was with Doug MacAyeal and the University of Chicago, where I did my undergrad. We went there to study a huge iceberg (B15) which had broken away from the continent in March of 2000. Hopefully these pictures and their captions will give you a sense for what we did. There's a bit more about the science we were doing in my description of a later trip.

LC131 McMurdo erebus RossIceShelf ArrivalHeights SnowMound onatether Bencrevasse deepcrevasse Transantarctics volcaniccrystal wands deceptiveland RoyalSociety Craryoffice icebreaker Dougbreaker BreakerSil breaking spookyiceblock blowingsnow sealsinlead seals seal orcas PolarizedOrcas skua berg door helodeck berg2 berg3 berg4 vastexpanse berg5Crack BergPattern sastrugi tower team arch Beaufort dougonbreaker benonbreaker meonbreaker BabyBerg icebergremnant ErebusIsland loneAdelie whale tiltedberg Erebusreflection birdbergs shinyiceberg emperor bowcrowd