Catastrophes Field Trip

April 30th - May 5th, 2003

Toward the end of the spring semester, a group of 16 people from the University of California, Berkeley went on a field trip to the Pacific Northwest. We went to view the evidence for three catastrophic events that happened in the past. They were: the Lake Missoula Floods, the Columbia River Basalts, and the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption. Professor Walter Alvarez led the trip. Many of us came from the Earth and Planetary Science department, but Geography and Anthropology were also represented. The pictures below go in chronological order. The brief captions will be lengthened when I can find the time.

01MtStHelens 02SteamboatRock 03SteamboatErratic 04DryFalls 05GrandCoulee 06LenoreCave 07WhalebackedBar 08WashtucnaRipples 09LoessHill 10PalouseFalls 11MidcanyonBar 12ShoulderBarDeposits 13GradedDeposit 14Rythmites 15FlameStructure 16GrandeRondeFlows 17DikeInTheDistance 18FloodDeposits 19FloodDepositsCloseUp 20ClasticDike 21WallulaGap 22TwoSisters 23BarInSideCanyon 24WallulaBasaltFlows 25SteveHood 26MultnomahFalls 27HelensChannels 28MountStHelens 29GroupStHelens 30GroupStHelensWithFaces