The San Francisco Bay Area

August 2001 - present

I live in Berkeley, CA. These pictures are a few random ones, in random order that I have scanned out of the many that I have taken in the area. If you are wondering whether it is better to live in Berkeley or Eastern South Dakota, check out this comparison of elevation profiles in the two regions. And if that wasn't enough to convince you, look at the climatologies.

BrilliantClouds FrothyTidepool GoldenGateSunset GulliedCoast MistyCoastVerdantGreen RedSunset Sunset TomalesPointCliff TuleElkCoast TuleElkReflection TuleHarem antidunes DiagonalCoast tidepool FabulousRipples SeaLionWithItch SeaLion pierview crissybeach GoldenGateBridge Alcatraz sailboat SFfromGGB ThreeShips GoldenGateBridgeShip ShipToSea SanFranSails SuspensionCity ShipGoingIn CNYmusicfloat CNYdragonhead CNYlions CNYtail CNYdragonfloat CNYdragonheart CNYdragonfloat2 CNYmovingdragon CNYfinaldragon