Miami to San Francisco

January 4th, 2007

On my way back from St. Lucia I had an evening layover in Miami with an early flight the next morning. I took a picture every 10 minutes all the way across the country to San Francisco. The country was largely covered in cloud. I need to find a weather satellite image for this particular day.

FSC_0553 FSC_0554 FSC_0555 FSC_0557 FSC_0559 FSC_0560 FSC_0561 FSC_0562 FSC_0563 FSC_0564 FSC_0565 FSC_0566 FSC_0567 FSC_0568 FSC_0569 FSC_0570 FSC_0571 FSC_0572 FSC_0573 FSC_0574 FSC_0575 FSC_0576 FSC_0577 FSC_0578 FSC_0579 FSC_0580 FSC_0581 FSC_0582 FSC_0583 FSC_0585 FSC_0587 FSC_0589 FSC_0590 FSC_0592 FSC_0594 FSC_0595 FSC_0597 FSC_0598 FSC_0600 FSC_0602 FSC_0603 FSC_0605 FSC_0606 FSC_0607 FSC_0608 FSC_0609 FSC_0611 FSC_0613 FSC_0616 FSC_0620 FSC_0621 FSC_0622 FSC_0623 FSC_0624 FSC_0625 FSC_0626 FSC_0627 FSC_0629