Maker Faire

May 3rd, 2008

The Maker Faire is an annual event that is a crazy celebration of all sorts of people who make things. There are demonstrations of craft projects: from woodworking to laser engraving to knitting. There are performance art shows. There are power tool drag races. There are cool kits being sold. There are robots for work, play, and fighting each other to the death. There is a human-size Mousetrap. And after dark there are shocking tesla coils and 30 foot fireballs. I took more pictures of the big outdoor things than the also-cool indoor things.

legojeep giants sandpattern sandpatternclose knitcake boatman lineboats bigboat boatbattle discoball flowersaw babysaw spider eepybird mobilemuffins bigwheels cyclicide flaminglotus binderclipdress metaldress pencar muffinexit eskull jeepagain powertooldragrace powertoolrestart hydrogenbubbles firering fierywoman fierywoman2 fieryhand fieryhand2 fierywoman3 firering2 teslacoil teslacoil2 teslacoil3 firering3 lotusnight firespiral