The next day we skiied to Camp 18. Partway there we met up with another group that was skiing from Camp 10. They had food. Specifically a large (3lb?) jar of peanut butter. Between myself and two other guys we devoured the whole thing. With our fingers, no spoons necessary. Even with that boost I was the slowest among the group that day. I just had no energy left. At a couple points I sat down on my pack to rest and just didn't want to get up. But just before sunset we made it to the turnoff between the route that continues to the Llewellyn Glacier and the spur that leads to Camp 18. A number of people who were already at 18 came out to meet us and Pete took my pack from me which was a huge relief. This is the view from Camp 18. I love the ogives (wave-like features you can see between the two medial moraines).