Sequoia National Park

August 24-27, 2006

In late August we didn't have to worry about any snow in the high Sierra and the temperatures were quite nice. Suprisingly there were still a few wildflowers blooming at the higher elevations. Our route began in Mineral King and did a loop. Up and over Timber Gap with a swim and a camp at Pinto Lake the first night. Up and over Blackrock Pass the second day with a swim and a camp at Little Five Lakes. On the third day we went up and down some more, with another pass at the end of the day to reach Columbine Lake where we camped and I swam. The last day it was up to Sawtooth Pass and then down, down, down on loose gruss. I was glad I wasn't climbing up that slope.

TimberGap WaterfallAbovePinto SunsetFromPintoLake LookingBackOnPintoLake BlackrockPass SpringLake ThreeCirques BlockOnInclinedPlane SequoiaPan1 SequoiaPan2 SequoiaPan3 SequoiaPan4 SequoiaPan5 SequoiaPan6 ColorfulFlowers BabyFiveLake BabyFiveLakeAqua TreesByLittleFive GrassyReflectionLittleFive LittleFiveReflection Frost LittleFiveBigReflection LittleFiveAnotherReflection deadtree valley striae LeadingStriae Cirques AquaLake AlgaePeak algea StriaeReflection SunsetReflection SunsetPeaks OrangeStream SunsetOverCV ColumbineSunny AboveColumbine LakeAboveColumbine ColumbineFromSawtooth Taryn