Juneau Streams

A few pictures of supraglacial streams from the Juneau Icefield. The first set is from the Gilkey Trench (Google Maps). The map isn't the greatest resolution, but it at least lets you get a sense for the general location.

The last couple pictures show drainage networks near Camp 26 (maps).

I haven't done much to clean up the scans in Photoshop. This is most of the stream channel pictures I have, but there are more pictures from Juneau here.

Supraglacial streams occur in Antarctica too. Video from an example on Canada Glacier, which flows into Taylor Valley, just like the Taylor Glacier.

Gilkey LakeWithIcefalls LakeBetweenOgives OverviewLakeStream OgiveSliced InChannel ScallopedSides stream_closeup studying_streams stream_with_background LupineLlewelyn stream_drainage_near_C26